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Why sell bed sheets with Diverse Fundraising?



Bed sheets do not rot, expire, or break. Being a non-perishable good gives you the flexibility of delivering to your supporters when it’s a good time for your team.


No Guessing

At Diverse Fundraising we believe you should know exactly what your profit will be when you start your sell. That’s why we offer FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING on all fundraisers. This takes all the guessing out of determining profits.


Sell below retail

Since Diverse Fundraising manufacturers its own products, we can offer you products to sell below retail price. This is unheard of in other fundraisers. A comparable sheet sells for $65 in large department stores.


Amazing Support

We offer state of the art selling materials to help you be successful. Each person selling will not only receive an order brochure but also color swatches of the actual sheets you will be selling. We have proven this gives much better results.


Lets look at the numbers. if you need to raise $150 you would have to sell the following:

Chocolate Bars

Rolls of Gift Wrap

Cookie Dough Tubs

Sets of Bed Sheets

About the Sheets:

Color Options


Cream, Dark Cream, Sage, Chocolate brown, Gold, White, Navy, Eggplant, Aqua Blue, Gray, Burgundy, & Black.


California King, King, Queen, Full, & Twin


1-flat sheet, 1-fitted sheet, & 2-pillowcases
*twin includes 1-pillowcase


Fitted sheets have deep pockets that physically measure 14 inches. However, because of the stretchiness of the material, they can accommodate up to 16 inches mattresses. Our fitted sheets have elastic all around for a secure fit.


Machine Washable


Wrinkle Resistant: Go straight from your dryer to your bed.
Forms a protective barrier against dust mite allergens.
The size of the fibers are that of 1/16th of a human hair. This creates pure softness!


Bring the highest profit potential to your organization

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Frequently asked questions:

Why Bed sheets?
The world of fundraising is seeking an alternative to traditional product selling. A universal product like the bed sheet is creating a completely new experience for the fundraiser supporter. Our bed sheets will not rot, expire, or break; and they make a wonderful gift for any special occasion. Very rarely do they have the opportunity to support their local organizations and have offered in return an item of authentic use, not to mention luxury.
What are microfiber bed sheets?
Microfiber is a high strength micro-polyester yarn used in the production of many products such as clothing, upholstery, and bed linens. Long-lasting, easily washable, wrinkle resistant, stain-resistant, moisture wicking, breathable, and affordable; the microfiber bed sheet has become extraordinarily popular in today’s market.
What makes us different from other fundraisers?
  • We offer a quality product that is needed by every household.
  • No upfront investment or minimums
  • Drastically increased profit per sale, highest in the industry.
  • An organization can reach their goals with much less time and effort,
so more concentration can be placed on the organizations core purpose.
  • No time restrictions. You can start and stop our program at will.
  • Product normally shipped within 7 business days from the placement of an order and receipt of payment.
  • An original product with little or no competition.
Do you have extra pillow cases we can order?
Yes, we sell extra pillow cases in 2 packs. We have 2 individually packaged pillow cases in standard and king size in all 12 colors. They can be purchased by your group for $9 each pack. We recommend you sell them for $12.
What is your return policy?
We will replace damaged or defective sets. Please take a picture of the damaged sheet and email it to your fundraiser leader.
How often can we order?
Order as often as you would like.
How long does it take to get our order?
Orders are processed and shipped out within 7 business day of receiving the order and payment.
Will the sheets fit my mattress?
Fitted sheets have deep pockets to accommodate up to 16 inch mattresses & elastic all around for a secure fit.
How soon can our group start?
Immediately, just contact us. (LINK Contact Us)
Are there any minimum order requirements?
Yes, 12 sets.
Is there any initial investment?
No, we provide everything you need to sell your product. Just pre-sell, collect money, gather and submit your orders, and pay for your cost of the product after receipt of your invoice. However, we do recommend your group buy sample sets so your potential clients can see and feel how great our bed sheet sets are!
How do we order?
Your group representative can order directly with your assigned representative via email.
Do you provide any marketing materials?
Yes, we will provide you with everything you need to have a successful program. This includes, fabric samples of every color.
What sizes do the sheets come in?
California King, King, Queen, Full and Twin
What comes in the bed sheet set?
Our bed sheets come with 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and 2 pillow cases. Twin only has 1 pillow case.
What colors do the sheets come in?
Chocolate brown, sage green, eggplant, white, cream, camel (gold), eggplant, aqua blue, burgundy, grey, navy, black

Phone 770.744.2261

Address PO Box 1711

Dawsonville, GA 30534

Our phone number is 770.744.2261 and email is We would love to talk, please reach out.


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